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Overview & Best Season of Chandigarh

Chandigarh has well defined seasons mixed with hot and cool climates.

− Summers (March to May) are very hot and temperatures remain in 35 C to 42 C in most of the days, but maximum reaches up to 46 C. Typically tourists avoid the hot summer days in April and May.
− Monsoons (June to August) are humid and sultry, but reduces the temperatures of hot summer days. Chandigarh looks liven up during monsoons.
− Autumn (September and October) has a temperature range of 13 C to 36 C, which is pleasant and moderate. Tourists' season starts by this time.
− Winters (November to February) maximum temperature level generally lies in 7 C to 20 C, but minimum touches 2 C to 5 C. Frost is a common occurrence during winters.
Best season to visit Chandigarh is September to March.
− September to March is ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.
− June to August is attractive with relief from the hot climate and ideal for short city trips.
− April and May are suitable for indoor activities.

Weather Condition
Very Cold, Fogy

Temperature varies from 4 to 22C. The weather is very cold and heavy woolens are required. Good time for enjoying local attractions.
Very Cold

Temperature varies from 3 to 26C. The weather is good for sightseeing. Climate is cold for most part of the day and woolens will be required.
Moderately Cold

Temperature varies from 8 to 34C. The days start getting warm but the nights can be chilly. Ideal of sightseeing and light woolens need to be carried.
Moderately Hot

Temperature varies from 16 to 37C. The weather is quite warm and is not the best time for sightseeing.
Very Hot

Temperature varies from 19 to 48C. The sun scorches the land and making it uncomfortable for stepping outside. Heat stroke is common and outdoor activities is a complete no-no.
Very Hot

Temperature varies from 19 to 42C. The weather is very hot with intermittent showers. Outdoor activities specially during the day should be avoided.
Moderately Hot

Temperature varies from 23 to 37C. The month of July welcomes occasional rainfall, thus reducing the soaring temperatures. Still not the best time to go out during the day.
Moderately Hot

Temperature varies from 23 to 37C. While the days are warm, regular rainfall helps in cooling the nights. Decent time for sightseeing, but rain protective gears need to be carried.

Temperature varies from 21 to 36C. The climate is cool with bearable heat during the day. Rainfall is common and increases the natural panorama.

Temperature varies from 13 to 35C. With comfortable days and cool nights, October is best time for sightseeing.
Moderately Cold

Temperature varies from 9 to 31C. Cool days and chilly nights make this month a great time for visiting. Light woolens are required.
Very Cold

Temperature varies from 1 to 29C. Climate is very cold and heavy woolens should be carried. Ideal for visiting the city and exploring the tourist places.